Our Mission

We are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit focusing on coastal conservation and community impact while working to end the ocean plastic and coastal degradation crisis.

Our mission at Coastlove is to end the ocean plastic and coastal degradation crisis through action and education while empowering underrepresented coastal communities.


Our community cleanup events go far beyond just removing plastic and debris. We also create an inclusive and fun environment where all individuals feel accepted, empowered, and leave feeling excited about coastal conservation and protecting our ocean.


With millions of acres of natural areas and coastal ecosystems in rapid decline, it is crucial that we actively work to remove invasive species and replant native vegetation in these areas to protect and provide a healthy habitat to marine and coastal species and help combat climate change.


Through our digital platforms, cleanups, and community action events, we strive to provide meaningful knowledge about the ocean plastic crisis and the impact that our choices have on our oceans and communities.


Providing education, experiences, and resources that will empower individuals and communities to become change-makers through respect, understanding, and unity, while helping to provide a voice to all members of society.

How is Coastlove creating lasting change? 

Providing youth with ocean-based experiences and resources that will empower them to create change in their communities.

Working with communities, governments, and like-minded organizations to find lasting solutions to the environmental and social challenges we are facing as a global community.

Actively cleaning and restoring coastal areas through our community action events while highlighting what can be accomplished when we all work together.

Help us create lasting change!


With your support we will be able to continue our work to protect our coastlines and coastal communities.

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